01 Jan

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光: Let There Be… OUT NOW!

光: Let There Be… STREAM | DOWNLOAD “Light up Half a Star Tirelessly in Taiwan 1974. near CRETE1 is where Falkor meets Mecca. Thank you Meccataku for Isa Blue… We were Hulked Out (tribute to Chevon) near Timmonsville, SC back in Summer 1995 with Kahlil When A⁷quantum leaped but for now Falkor meets Yangui Yasiungu […]

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18 Jun

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R.I.P Rodney

REST IN PEACE RODNEY Woke up this morning, and the death of Rodney King really hit hard. Reminded me of SO many things…. Crack was hitting the streets very hard around this time..it was out not too long…around that from late 1988 – early 90s when i was old enough to understand it was scary…it […]

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14 Dec

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Just another…

Last week/ weekend was INSANE. So much from meeting actors, to attending shows, to being schoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooled by Akir in regards to being a better man and producer (DJ SARASA going to that show was the best idea yo! Thank you!!!), to chillin with Mio, DJ SARASA, cousin, friends and my sister! Happy birthday Nik.. your […]

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