07 Nov

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Stranger Things Tribute

I can’t front… Stranger Things on Netflix is remarkable and the original soundtrack was just next level. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein did such a phenomenal job. It was fun to binge watch the kids of Hawkins engaging with The Upside Down over and over again for the last 2 weekends. The vibe of the […]

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07 Dec

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Top 10 Reasons Why J. Cole is WACK AF!!

Top 10 Reasons why J. Cole is WACK AF! not. 1. Because he produces his own beats, knows how to play instruments and asks questions about getting better as a producer…even tho he’s a Rapper.. F that n*gga 2. Because he is not on social media trolling 3. Because he raps like a New York […]

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18 Jun

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R.I.P Rodney

REST IN PEACE RODNEY Woke up this morning, and the death of Rodney King really hit hard. Reminded me of SO many things…. Crack was hitting the streets very hard around this time..it was out not too long…around that from late 1988 – early 90s when i was old enough to understand it was scary…it […]

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20 Sep

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Brother Ernie, Cancer and My story

Legendary Hip Hop photographer and mentor Ernie Paniccioli has cancer and below is my personal testimony in hopes we can make a donation! Imagine going through a tumultuous break up with 1 of the crews in NYC that has incredible potential to be the best. Imagine taking a 1 year hiatus from MCin and Producing […]

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