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08 Feb

Posted by: adum7 | Hip Hop

Tumblr: Joy Sela’s We Mirror

Honored to have received an invite to Joy Sela‘s event a few days ago at Tumblr HQs in NYC. The room was flooded with handfuls of talented people in attendance for Joy’s exhibition. Pretty sweet the We Mirror centered around ‘Love.’ My current projects 光: Let There Be… and ERROARS 3.3: 起死回生 both draw from […]

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11 Jan

Posted by: adum7 | Hip Hop


January 11, 2017 – Long Island, NY – Producer/MC, formerly known as MeccaGodZilla releases new album titled “ERROARS 3.3: 起死回生” under the new name ADUM⁷. Almost 2 full years removed from releasing an album, the title “起死回生” is a metaphor that means ‘awaken from death and return to life.’ Out now, it’s an extremely emotional, […]

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01 Jan

Posted by: adum7 | Hip Hop, Hip Hop producer

光: Let There Be… OUT NOW!

光: Let There Be… STREAM | DOWNLOAD “Light up Half a Star Tirelessly in Taiwan 1974. near CRETE1 is where Falkor meets Mecca. Thank you Meccataku for Isa Blue… We were Hulked Out (tribute to Chevon) near Timmonsville, SC back in Summer 1995 with Kahlil When A⁷quantum leaped but for now Falkor meets Yangui Yasiungu […]

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18 Jun

Posted by: adum7 | Hip Hop, MeccaGodZilla

RIP Attrell Cordes aka Prince Be of P.M. Dawn

RIP Attrell Cordes, aka Prince Be of P.M. Dawn age 46 too young.. this is getting outta control.. on the come up.. purists from NY i grew up with stuck to either Rakim, Kane, PE, KRS-One, LL Cool J or more grittier sounding rap music. The thing is in the House Parties, P.M. Dawn‘s records […]

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03 Jun

Posted by: adum7 | Hip Hop, MeccaGodZilla

Music Video: ISA VIOLET feat DJ Hibi Bliss

As a challenge to the current hyper masculine temperature of Rap / Hip-Hop music… I present to you “ISA VIOLET” — This is an audio visual timeout – complete with:  Cherry Blossoms  Warm Feminine Energy  A Glimpse of Life in Tokyo  And the wonderful spirit of my good friend & fashion […]

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18 May

Posted by: adum7 | Hip Hop, MeccaGodZilla

Does The New Godzilla Movie Suck!?

If you are one with the naysayers that feels this movie sucks you can make like lemmings off the nearest cliff. I personally didn’t think this film sucked and here’s why…. Is The New GodZilla Fat? How Bout No! Let’s look at the anatomy of the monster. Godzilla is clearly influenced by o T-Rex meets […]

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15 Dec

Posted by: adum7 | Hip Hop, japan, MeccaGodZilla

MeccaGodZilla meets David Blaine. And Yes He’s The TRUTH!

NO! B.S. The experience with David Blaine. SERIOUSLY. WAS CRAZY!!! I still don’t understand how it was physically possible. For him to do. What he did. Mind you… I went to college for electrical I’m really up on my ‘math’ and ‘physics.’ I still don’t understand how! haha.. The ABC TV special of David […]

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