20 Sep

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BLOG: Ego. and. Bravado…

Ego. Bravado. We all are challenged by these 2 things. And it’s really funny. On the divine scales of measure…how much weight these 2 things have does not matter…not even in the slightest. They just don’t count. They are not present in E=mc^2 and they truly take away from who we truly are. These 2 […]

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08 Jun

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I was pretty inspired by JAY Z’S PICASSO BABY off the album MAGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL thus the following Remix by yours truly! Comments & Feedback is always welcomed! ENJOY! DOWNLOAD ON BANDCAMP PICASSO (TOHO REMIX) by MeccaGodZilla Jay Z “Picasso Baby (Toho Remix)” – MeccaGodZilla [Verse 1] … I just want a Picasso in […]

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18 Oct

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NYCC Photo Recap

I had an amazing time this year and was happy to help my friend Ron Wimberly sell out all of his copies of the brand new book, “Prince of Cats” Click below for more photos! (MeccaGodZilla, The Legendary Pete Rock, Ron Wimberly, Chris of AUE Magazine)

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