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Does The New Godzilla Movie Suck!?

If you are one with the naysayers that feels this movie sucks you can make like lemmings off the nearest cliff. I personally didn’t think this film sucked and here’s why….
Is The New GodZilla Fat? How Bout No!
Let’s look at the anatomy of the monster. Godzilla is clearly influenced by
o T-Rex meets
o Stegosaurus
o Alligator … with super powers amplified by nuclear energy
Out of the 3 above reptiles, which one clearly didn’t have some laziness to them..T-rex had bootlegga arms and all 3, although very strong ….have bellies.
You can check these photos and see Godzilla definitely wasn’t the most athletic when it comes to body shape and thighs.

So what type of build would a Giant Monster have.. …a super macho build? If that is the case then the monster would look way more humanoid right?? What fun would that be? None!
Additionally some of my friends clown about whether Godzilla is female because of this build (please excuse their ignorance ladies..we all know your thighs and curves are way better!). It’s funny at times but seriously speaking …not so funny cuz I am a fan LOL (grrrrrrrrr!).
Secondly, who the HELL is ‘Fumihiko super-fan Abe‘ anyways? If you are a super-fan, it means you are able to grow with your character, through thick and thin. You can’t say much about a film til you see it, which is clear, this person in Japan hasn’t since the film is set to release in Japan this coming July. Secondly 2ch is a gossip type of forum, kind of like the hate version of twitter at times, with some of the worst types of hide behind the screen, passive aggressive, drama type folks who are probably nothing short of Hikikimori trolls that are alive simply to hate on things. Time and@MeganJGibson should have did more research and found out what Abe does “like” and see if the comparison is valid. Again, Abe hasn’t seen the film yet. right? right!
The Movie. The Story:
Most kaiju films from the Golden Era had interesting storylines however the acting, action and some of the monster fights at times were indeed suspect. But this is directly related to budget, can you afford the best writers and actors. This is also related to can the men inside the Godzilla suits fight and make it all believable. There is no doubt that Japan is the best at what they have done and created with giant monster movie cinema. They were able to pull off creating remarkable sets of city replicas and have some of our favorite monsters suplex and judo slam each other into the buildings (see “War of The Gargantuas”) and it all look pretty damn real!
With the American reboot, I think it was wise to cast icon Ken Watanabe and a bunch of B- / B+ actors who came pretty close to pulling off A- / A acting in this new film. Additionally, actors of that caliber could truly hold their own without taking away from the excitement of the story itself. I have to give the Americans a 4.5/5.0 for making the story interesting. I cannot say that all Toho films have this quality. There was definitely an air of Cheesy acting in “Godzilla Forever” with the casting of that american general…his acting and look were just ridiculous — HOWEVER the fight scenes in that film were indeed remarkable. <<<<~~I ran into Free of 106th and Park at the movies”
Additionally, this film is great because it also gives you moments of when the humans interact with the monsters on a Jurassic Park (not Jurassic 5 but they are cool too) type of level. You have elements of this which make the movie a lot of fun and highlight the intelligence of the monsters involved. It’s amazing how smart the monsters are.
We have to question everyone that is saying that. If you feel that way, please enlighten me on what Godzilla movie you have seen that does show “enough” of Godzilla on the big screen? The Toho films have us thoroughly entertained but MOSTLY at the tail end of the movies. BUT still, there is always actor dialogue and a backstory that takes up lots of screen time. So when you do question ‘there wasn’t enough Godzilla on the screen?’ what film(s) were/are you comparing this to (totally excluding Godzilla 1985 and 1998)? Are you comparing this to ALL other movies OR Godzilla movies in general…and if Godzilla movies in general..once again which movie are you comparing it too? If you pay attention to the story, you will have an idea why Godzilla wasn’t on the screen to your liking. He was definitely on screen quite a bit for me… but why? I know the answer. I won’t spoil anything here. You have to question yourself and think about the story as to why he was and wasn’t on the screen enough in your opinion.
The classic Toho monsters are the best in history. So much so that I RARELY gave the Ultraman / Gamera franchises a chance. I was completely geeked and wrapped up in how cool the Toho monsters looked. Of course it would’ve been great to see the classic monsters in this new film right??? WRONG!
Toho gave us a remarkable taste of the classic monsters in the “Godzilla Forever” film. They gave us an up to date version of how these monsters would fight, look and rep on the big screen. So why use them again? Why not continue the story and use new monsters, similar to what Toho was doing with Biollante, Destroyah, Orga and Monster X. Seeing the new monster(s) M.U.T.O. was really dope. It’s up to the fans and regular moviegoers to be objective and be willing to be entertained. Because although this is a serious topic for Godzilla fans like myself…I am someone who will pay $22.50 for an iMAX film and totally be open to enjoying what the director and writers were trying to deliver. We are supposed to be entertained at the end of the day.. So maybe a lil less criticism and way more objectiveness to just ENJOY this epic experience in 3D. sheesh!

So What Did The Americans Do Right?

o Great casting (the actors didn’t outshine Godzilla at all)
o Great use of the new monsters
o Enabled Godzilla’s power and skills (UNLIKE Godzilla 1985 & 1998 [such a FAIL!])
o The CGI of the monsters, especially Godzilla are top tier
o The New version of Godzilla LOOKS cool!
o Made Godzilla appear like a natural disaster once he hit land
o There is indeed an air of suspense throughout the film
o Really great drama within the family as well
o Great MUSIC!

What did the American’s get wrong?
mmmmm Maybe
o The acting could’ve been better
o Maybe Ken Watanabe’s character could’ve had more depth
o Maybe Ken Watanabe’s character could’ve talked more about Godzilla’s past history or eluded to past victories over other monsters and alien races

Outside of that… I got nothing else to say really. I’ve seen 99% of all Godzilla films ever created (leaving 1% for anyone who knows of an exclusive Japanese film I may not have seen yet).
This film was really dope. When paying for ANYTHING, I am open and objective to trying my best to just enjoy. This is a FAR cry of the wackness that hit the big screen like Universal Soldier: The Return aka the first movie I paid for and walked out on after 10 minutes. IT TOTALLY sucked in the 1st 10 minutes! The current Fat-Shaming of the New GodZilla is childish in the worst way. We are all big kids since we go see Spiderman, The Avengers, Superman, Godzilla etc. Why be a rotten kid though with the baseless opinions. Think about what you are basing your facts on. If you haven’t REALLY been a fan then YES it’s ok to compare this film to other films. But comparing this to past Godzilla films and saying what’s being said, is nothing short of BS.
In defense, I think any director/writer would want to win an award but that is not the goal here. The goal is to make a fucking remarkable Giant Monster movie, so much so that the masses will go and see it, which cannot be said for MANY of the cult classic films fans have grown to love. Gareth created something that would satisfy the purests like myself but also grab a new audience of folks that enjoy big screen films….he succeeded…and went beyond expectation. Kudos to Gareth Edwards!
Hey! Don’t Forget…

I made a special tribute to the film here. Make sure to visit and download it.
Gareth Edwards, Max Borenstein, Alexandre Desplat, Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and everyone involved. Good stuff!
So What Are Your Thoughts About The Movie?

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